Fat Injection (Grafting) to Vulva

Fat Injection (Grafting) to Vulva

As in entire skin tissue, thinning and prolapses could be seen in genital area with aging.

It is mostly seen in labia majora (longitudinal cutaneous folds of vagina-outer lips) and the area covered with hair just under the belly called mons pubis.

Those areas could be filled with fat injection.
Fat, which shall be taken from belly, buttocks or any other appopriate area of the body, shall be injected to areas which are demanded to be voluminous. This operation applied under local anaesthesia could takes 1 hour. Healing and recovery is very quickly. You could carry on your daily activities after the first day. But reasons of this injections are limited with 6-9 months. In further sessions, permanence increases.

Liposuction to vulva

Some women could complain about the appearance of mons pubis, triangle-shaped and haired area, because of its fatty appearance. In this case, the treatment that shall be applied to the patient will be liposuction. With this application, extra fatty tissue in labia majora shall be taken from mons pubis area by liposuction and vulva becomes thinner.

It is applied under local anaesthesia and takes approximately 30 minutes. There is no scar after the surgery.