Breast Uplift

Breast Uplift

Mastopexy-Breast Lift-Breast Uplift   (with/without implants)

Breast can sag due to many factors. The collagen tissue that holds the breast tissue together is likely to lose firmness in the course of time. Change of weight, pregnancy, breast-feeding, gravity, aging, genetic factors , hormonal factors are all the factors that are responsible for the loss of breast firmness.

Loss of breast firmness can be recovered by breast uplift surgeries. It is also called “mastopexy”.

How is breast uplift surgery performed?

Breast uplift surgery does not change the volume of the breasts..

Most patients  prefer silicone implant application in combination with the breast uplift surgery. In other words, they want breast uplift in addition to breast augmentation.

-If your breast is small and has slightly lost its firmness, and yet the skin quality is still good, then the breast augmentation is performed with silicone implant on the one hand and it is uplifted on the other hand.

-If the breast has mildly and severely lost its firmness, and breast tissue is insufficient and as if hallow (attributable to breast-feeding), in this case, it will be convenient to place a silicone implant to plump it up.

-If the breast has mildly and severely lost its firmness, and is sufficiently plump, the breast uplift is performed only.

During the breast uplift;

The areola and circumference is placed upwards as in the youth.

If areola has expanded, it is shrunk back to standards.

Slack skin is removed for firmer breasts.